Anja Bakowska

I was born in the South of Poland in 1977. My passion and desire to travel and to become a photographer born from the books. I could not decide what I prefer more, the mountains or the sea. I wanted it both. I wanted to live on the board of the boat and research the furthers parts of the world photographing it. I had started to explore the black and white photo potentiality in the darkroom in the age of 12. I took further study of the photography in Polish collage and than left for Australia hoping to work as crew on the sailing yachts. I persuade this willing and crew for 7 years on the sailing yacht Cordelia in the Pacific Ocean and Southeast of Asia. I had witnessed culture of many remote places and had many adventures that I had documented and published in various magazines and shared in the exhibitions.  

Open Air Photo is dedicated to outdoor photography using a new technologies like drones and digital equipment. After years at sea I moved to the Italian Alps and concentrated on the territory looking from a different point of view and perspective.
I do not focus only on the nature of the mountains but also on the local tradition and culture, sport and tourism.

I am proposing my passion, dedication and challenge to the foto service of Open Air Photo.